Friday, 27 April 2007

Jaipur - The Pink City

I've just come back from Jaipur, which they call the pink city, and is the capital of Rajastan. The Maharaja painted the whole city pink in 1799 for the visit of the Prince of Whales. They've kept the tradition going until now!

My boss and I went out there to present the findings of our project to our clients. The presentation went really well (hurrah) especially compared to the work done by the other consultants.

I spent Sat and Sun visiting the city and the forts in the surrounding area. Besides almost dying of heat exhaustion, the weekend was good fun.

Pics coming up soon (and, yes, there will be monkeys).


Anonymous said...

Jaipur is a very pretty city, but better to visit November through February... Did you see any elephants?


007 in Africa said...

OOh, I can't wait to see the monkeys (I assume you are not referring to yourself in this context?)