Friday, 4 May 2007

Pics from Jaipur

Below are some pics from Jaipur

The east gate - notice the, erm, pinkness

Windows build by the Maharaja so his (many) wives could check out the action on the street

Guy with a elephant - now I've got a thing for elephants, but this guys asked for ten bloody rupees for this pic

This is where the minsters sat during meetings with the Maharaja

Somes sort of wedding thing - I swear, there are weddings everywhere in this country

You're a monkey!

A monkey at the aptly named "Monkey Temple" - this isn't a temple celebrating monkeys, they just took over, and I was just visiting


007 in Africa said...

These are gorgeous pictures...I'd love to come visit!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your blog and photos. Nice having an 'inside glimpse' of India!

Anonymous said...

Yes, gorgeous pictures.....can I

come and visit too!!!